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Kimsue Foliage Aglaonema


Aglaonemas are commonly known as “Chinese Evergreens” due to their cultivation in China for centuries prior to being introduced to Europe and the Americas. They are one of the most recognizable and widely used indoor plants. Their most appealing features are their longevity and attractive foliage. They are very good for low light interior.

Tip: Aglaonemas are truly a tropical plant and cannot tolerate
cold weather.

See Images: 10" Cecilia • 14" Cecilia • 6" Silver Bay • 8" Silver Bay • 10" Silver Bay • 14" Silver Bay • 6" Emerald Beauty • 8" Emerald Beauty • 10" Emerald Beauty • 14" Emerald Beauty

Kimsue Foliage Areca palms

Areca Palms

Areca Palms have been a favorite of decorators for years because they fare well in a bright environment and their fan-like stalks give any living space a tropical and lush atmosphere. Areca Palms make great indoor or outdoor plants but can live strictly indoors.

Tip: Arecas are considered the best detoxifying palm tree and can oxygenate the air at a rate of four plants.

See Images: 10" Areca Palm 14" Areca Palm

Kimsue Foliage Aspidistra plants


Also called the “Cast Iron Plant” because of its durability, Aspidistra is tried and true and has been around for years. It comes in different varieties ranging from dark green, to variegated, to having spots on its leaves. It is a durable, cold hardy plant that can be grown in low light conditions and is considered the toughest plant there is.

Tip: If you are looking for a high traffic office plant which can withstand neglect and tolerate low-light, Aspidistra is the perfect specimen.

See Images: 10" Aspidistra • 14" Aspidistra

Kimsue Foliage Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns like bright but indirect sunlight. They can be used as a house plant or a patio plant. They are a staple of the indoor garden and they add grace and texture to any room or patio. Even though they are tropical plants originating in South America, the reason they are called Boston Ferns is because they were first discovered in a shipment to Boston in 1894.

Tip: Keep them moist but not overly wet.

See Images: 10" Boston Fern


Kimsue Foliage Dracena

Kimsue Foliage Dracena Palms


Dracaenas can be grown in low-light to medium light to bright light indoors. They come in many varieties such as the Janet Craig which are noted for their dark green glossy leaves and their tolerance for low light.

Other varieties include the Warneckii which come in the green variety and lemon/lime variety.

They also come in a cane variety such as the Mass Cane, commonly called the Corn Plant. These varieties are among the most popular indoor plants.

Tip: If you have a narrow spot and are looking for a utilitarian plant that gives height and doesn’t take up too much room, consider the Mass Cane.

See Images: 10" Jumbo Warneckii • 14" Jumbo Warneckii • 10" Green Stripe Warneckii • 14" Green Stripe Warneckii • 10" Janet Craig • 14" Janet Craig • 10" Mass Cane (3-2-1) • 10" Mass Cane (4-3-2) • 14" Mass Cane (5-4-3-2)

Kimsue Foliage Mandevilla


Mandevillas have been around for a number of years and can be grown as a bush, a vine, or in a hanging basket. In warmer tropical regions, they can live outdoors all year round but in colder regions they have to be brought indoors during winter. They come in different varieties that bloom prolific showy tubular flowers from spring to fall that come in pinks, reds and whites.

Tip: If you are looking for a gift that is sure to please, you can’t go wrong with a Mandevilla.

See Images: 6" Mandevilla Alice DuPont Hoop • 8" Mandevilla Alice DuPont Trellis • 10" Mandevilla Alice DuPont Trellis • 10" Mandevilla Brides Cascade • 6" Mandevilla Red Hoop • 8" Mandevilla Red Trellis • 10" Mandevilla Red Trellis • 10" Mandevilla Red Basket

Kimsue Foliage  Philodendrons


Philodendron, Imperial Red and Rojo Congo like to be placed near a window indoors, which would be called medium to high light. They also make great container plants for shaded patios. They go very well in an interior landscape situation as their burgundy foliage makes a nice contrast in the landscape.

Tip: In their native habitat, these plants sometimes grow in trees, so they don’t need a lot of water.

See Images: 8" Imperial Red • 10" Imperial Red • 14" Imperial Red

Kimsue Foliage

Schefflera Amate

The Amate is a very versatile plant which can be grown indoors in low to high light, on a shaded patio or even in full sun. However, coming from a shaded environment in the nursery, it would have to be acclimated before moving it into full sun. They don’t like to be too wet as they can be found growing in trees in the jungle.

Tip: The Amate can be a perfect bonsai specimen.

See Images: 10” Schefflera Amate • 14” Schefflera Amate

Kimsue Foliage


Also known as the “Peace Lily,” the Spathiphyllum is a very popular indoor plant. It has glossy green leaves and blooms beautiful white flowers. They are a great choice for the interior landscape because they do well indoors and don’t need very much light. They are also an excellent landscape plant for shaded areas in warmer climates.

Tip: In caring for Spathiphyllums, avoid dehydration. They are known to remove Benzene and Formaldehyde from the environment.

See Images: 8" Sweet Delight • 10" Sweet Delight • 8" Sweet Pablo • 10" Sweet Pablo • 14" Sweet Pablo • 10" Sensation (3PPP) • 14" Sensation (3PPP)

Kimsue Foliage

White Bird of Paradise

The White Bird of Paradise is native to South Africa and is part of the Heliconia family. They are one of the most elegant plants as their leaves which are glossy green are large and dramatic. Whenever you want to make a statement in your interior landscape, think about using a White Bird of Paradise.

Tip: Don’t expect them to bloom in a pot.

See Images: 10" White Bird of Paradise • 14" White Bird of Paradise

Kimsue Foliage

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant with its dark green glossy leaves makes a good ornamental plant. It is drought tolerant, takes low light and has become a staple in the industry because it is one of the strongest plants in the market. It is frequently found in low-light locations such as malls and any areas of the home or office where minimal light shines through.

Tip: Even though it is slow growing, it will grow faster
if put in high light.

See Images: 6" ZZ Plant • 8" ZZ Plant • 10" ZZ Plant • 14" ZZ Plant

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