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About Kimsue Foliage Inc.

High quality and
100% customer satisfaction
are our
top priorities.

Michael and Suzanne founded Kimsue Foliage Inc. in 1986 with the help of Michael's father Wally by their side. They decided to coin the name Kimsue by combining their daughter — Kimberly Ann’s name — with Suzanne’s. So Kimsue Foliage was born, and it has been a labor of love ever since.

Our goal has always been to grow a quality plant giving it the care, attention and the love that it needs. “We have always kept in the back of our minds that we were taking care of a living being that is on loan to us, whose gift is to provide clean air and beauty to the people and the environment when it goes to its permanent home,” says Suzanne.

And Michael is such a good grower. Michael has a wonderful rapport with the plants and even though he will never admit to this, he says, “You know Sue, the plants talk to me all the time and tell me what they need.” And it’s so true. We have been privileged to go to a job everyday where there is so much beauty and enchantment because we work with nature. High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.


Michael Hosang
Founder / Grower
Wally Hosang
Suzanne Hosang
Michael Hosang
Wally Hosang of Kimsue Foliage
Suzanne Hosang of Kimsue Foliage
Ruben Martinez
Rafael Martinez
Growing & Production
Kim Hosang
Ruben Martinez of Kimsue Foliage
Rafael Martinez of Kimsue Foliage
Kim Hosang



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